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Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness. Will probably discuss this with the pedia beforehand and attach a copy of Dra. The campaign employs Essential Newborn Care ENC Protocol as a strategy to improve the health of the newborn through interventions before conception, during pregnancy, at and soon after birth, and in the postnatal period.

Scaling up trainings like EINC should be a priority for health programs in emergency settings like that of Typhoon Haiyan. A prospective observational study in Ghadchiroli, India.

Mother and child The main argument for breastfeeding, however, is the body-to-body contact that the baby and the mother enjoy. Inverted nipples could be a problem, but as early as the sixth month of pregnancy, if the nipples are inverted, manual manipulation could be done to bring them out.

Time bound procedures should be routinely performed first - immediate drying, skin-to-skin contact followed by clamping of the cord after one to three minutes, non-separation of the newborn from the mother and breastfeeding initiation.

Immunization, including tetanus toxoid.

Unang Yakap

Colostrum is a very rich source of protein and, most of all, immune bodies — to fight off infections of the newborn. Bathing of babies is done after at least 6 hours from birth so baby can maximize assimilating the maternal bacterial flora into his system.

Cleanliness and prevention of infection; Temperature maintenance; Eye care; Cord care; Early initiation of breastfeeding within one hour without prelacteal feeds, and advice for subsequent, frequent exclusive breastfeeding on demand day and night; and Extra care for the low birthweight baby.

Formula milk tend to be sweeter as well, so babies thus fed with formula milk become fussy and irritable when returned to the breast, looking for larger nipples, bigger volumes, and sweeter milk.

It refers to the Essential Intrapartum Newborn Care — sequential procedures that needs to be carried out for the optimal welfare of the newly born baby.

Essential Newborn Care, Unang Yakap Campaign

Operational research has shown that supportive supervision and mentorship help health workers to feel confident in using their new skills. All these items should be kept in a clean container; Setting aside of or arrangements to get money for going to a facility for planned delivery or for emergencies in the mother and baby; and Identification of the facility and transportation to be used in case of an emergency.

It seems that feeding the baby water whether through a cup or bottle is not needed while the baby is fully breastfeeding. Mother later with the baby sleeps under an insecticide-treated bednet; and Mother takes intermittent presumptive therapy.

Evidence-based information for developing country programs including public health aspects. The aftermath of disasters leaves pregnant mothers and newborns at greatest risk of developing complications, infections, or contracting illnesses like diarrhea, which are common in these settings.

The guidelines categorize procedures into time-bound, non time-bound and unnecessary procedures:. This is the “Unang Yakap” advocacy in our country, which includes promotion of early (within the first hour) mother and baby bonding, and breastfeeding.

The skin-to-skin contact also helps in transferring good bacteria from the skin of the mother to the baby. DOH program unang yakap by dustin_diet in Types > School Work and einc doh unang yakap. Unang Yakap: Essential Newborn Care (ENC) Many initiatives, globally and locally, help save lives of pregnant women and children.

Essential Newborn Care (ENC) is one. ENC is a simple cost-effective newborn care intervention that can improve neonatal as well as maternal care. Essential Newborn Care: The DOH/WHO Protocol Maria Asuncion Silvestre, FAAP Consultant, Essential Newborn Care 4 March – Unang Yakap campaign launched Dec 9, • Implementation • Monitoring.

Scope of Application • Whole hierarchy of the DOH and its attached agencies. Subcontractors include Emory University, The Johns Hopkins University, The Manoff Group, Inc., the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, Save the Children Federation, Inc., and TSL. WHO Western Pacific Intrapartum and Newborn Care ENG FIL Posters Unang Yakap EINC Tarpaulin Unang Yakap EINC Brochure Unang Yakap EINC Policies Brochure.

Unang Yakap 4&5 is the campaign for all practitioners and health facilities to adopt and embrace the safe and quality care of Essential Itrapartum and Neonatal Care (EINC) for .

Unang yakap program
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